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Portrait Photo - Eric Fefferman

Darlene Madott is a writer who practised law in Toronto for more than 3 decades. Her most recent book, launched in autumn of 2021, is Dying Times, Exile Editions. It is the story of a successful though conflicted lady litigator who is confronted by irrevocable death, told at breakneck speed with a dark undercurrent of humour.

"Moved by Dying Times – a lot. I was captivated by Madott’s voice and her confidence, along with everything she had to say. This is the kind of read that people can feel and understand; such simplicity that can’t help but captivate the reader… Just lovely. Good weeping. Good laughing."
Marsha Boulton, Canadian journalist and humorist, winner of Stephen Leacock Award, 1996

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"Madott is not afraid to pose risky questions in her fiction, ones to which the answers are not known or may not even exist. Her characters brave perilous emotional territory and face questions about desire, need, connection, pride and shame. The result is a series of deftly constructed stories that simmer with intensity and produce clear moments of truth."
Beth Ryan, Globe & Mail


Darlene Madott
Photo by: Vincenzo Pietropaolo

Madott is the mother of one son. Growing him toward manhood, she regards as the greatest of her life accomplishments.

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